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N1oZ shock adjuster gen 3 

good better the new N1oZ shock adjuster gen 3 again better performance for you bike . The further developed pat pending N1oZ technology did add new features to the existing high lights .          

  •   automatic high speed action , dynamically on all track conditions.
  • easy to adjust ( only one adjustment screw
  • excellent traction and bottom resistance

the new N1oZ gen 3  is perfected with the following up dates

  • internal adjustable mid speed circuit
  • square edge blow odd valve
  • internal adjustable high speed delay 
  • tuned to shock shaft volume
  • improved valve efficiency

therefore bike set up can bee even just on point

Application Guide


Price: Shock€  449.-

assembly included
Price: Shock 490.00 euros
Fork 449.00 euros
Set 899.00 euros

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