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WP XPlor (Enduro)
WP XPlor (Morocross)
WP (85cc, 65cc)
SACHS (Beta)
KYB (Yamaha, Sherco, Kawasaki)
Showa (Honda, Kawasaki)

The patented N10Z technology adapts dynamically / automatically to all riding conditions.
If firm or soft dampining is required, they N10Z System is regulated automatically.

The N10Z- Dynamic Valve reacts intelligently to oil flow and pressure.

Improvement of the bottom out resistanse, as well as traction and sensivity of the bike, for a safer ride.

  • slow speed - soft damping
  • fast speed - harder damping
  • hard ground - soft damping
  • soft ground - hard damping
  • wet and slippery - soft damping
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